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【產品/介紹】NanoSound DAC2 Pro 高音質擴充板 | HiFi | Volumio

Last Updated on 2022 年 8 月 4 日 by 小編

NanoSound DAC2 Pro

NanoSound DAC2 Pro 是 NanoSound DAC Pro 的進階版本,是 Raspberry Pi 的高音質(HiFi)數位類比轉換擴充板。除了 DAC 功能以外,還有線性穩壓器(LDO)、OLED 顯示、電源開關、實體按鍵和紅外線遙控等。


NanoSound DAC2 Pro 特色

  • 實體旋鈕音量控制。
  • 仍可搭配 NanoSound Amp^2
  • 搭配 1.5″ OLED 彩色顯示器。
  • 雙電源輸入自動切換。


NanoSound DAC2 Pro 規格(粗體字為 DAC 2 新增功能)

  • Texas Instruments PCM5122 – 192kHz Sampling Rate / 24bit Resolution Burr-Brown DAC for best sound quality
  • 2 x Precised Crystal acting as master clock for lowest gitter and better DSD performance
  • Improved and wider sound signal paths
  • Texas Instruments TPS7A4700 Ultra Low Noise Voltage Regulator
  • Switchable Power Option with auto-switching
  • Power from a single microUSB port or independently
  • Infrared Receiver and Remote Control
  • Raspberry Pi Power switch – Turn on and gracefully shut down Raspberry Pi System
  • 4 GPIO buttons and 1 Digital Rotary Knob for Media Control
  • Hi-Fi Audio Grade electronics components. Capacitors from EVOX RIFA, WIMA and ELNA
  • Full open source and available from github allows anyone to take control of the software
  • Choice of different displays with multi-language support.
  • Pro: 1.5″ OLED Colour Display

NanoSound DAC 兩代差異比較

NanoSound DAC 兩代差異比較

NanoSound DAC2 Pro 新聞

NanoSound DAC2 Pro 教學

NanoSound DAC2 Pro 出貨清單

  • NanoSound DAC 2 Pro 擴充板(含1.5″ OLED 彩色螢幕) x1
  • Nanomesher 原廠黑色外殼 x1
  • Nanomesher 原廠遙控器 x1

* 注意:本商品不包含 Raspberry Pi、SD card、NanoSound AMP^2 等!。

NanoSound DAC2 Pro 建議加購項目



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