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【產品/介紹】玖邦 mmWave Sensor Evaluation Solution Kit BM101 | 毫米波 | 毫米波感測開發套件

Last Updated on 2022 年 9 月 7 日 by 小編

※此商品已停售,請參考新版 玖邦 mmWave Sensor Evaluation Solution Kit BM201

Joybien mmWave 毫米波感測開發套件是一款毫米波(mmWave)雷達和藍牙低功耗(BLE)的擴充板,使用了 TI IWR1642 毫米波感測器做為核心,下載應用介紹

mmWave BM101

毫米波是第五代行動通訊(5G)中解決頻段問題的一項技術。Joybien mmWave 毫米波感測開發套件將原本複雜的雷達感測數據經過微積分和 FFT 等計算後,搭配 mmWave Python SDK 輸出簡單的資料結構,例如範圍、速度或是角度值等。

mmWave BM101 應用範圍


mmWave BM101 應用

mmWave BM101 規格

FMCW Transceiver * Integrated PLL; Transmitter; Receiver; Baseband; and A2D
* 76- to 81-GHz Coverage With 4-GHz Continuous Bandwidth
* Four Receive Channels
* Two Transmit Channels
* Ultra-Accurate Chirp (Timing) Engine Based on Fractional-N PLL
* TX Power: 12.5 dBm
* RX Noise Figure: 14 dB (76 to 77 GHz)/15 dB (77 to 81 GHz)
Built-in Calibration and Self-Test (Monitoring) * ARM® Cortex® -R4F-Based Radio Control System
* Built-in Firmware (ROM)
* Self-calibrating System Across Frequency and Temperature
DSPC674x DSP for FMCW Signal Processing
MCU * ARM Cortex-R4F Microcontroller for Application Control
* I/O; SPI / CAN x 1
* Up to 2 UARTs I2C x 1
* GPIO: 0 ~ 2
Pre-Programmed Firmware "Flavor" * Vital Signs Detection (VSD) Firmware; for 30cm ~ 90cm wireless & contactless detection of Heartbeat & Respiration Rate
* High Accuracy Measurement (HAM) Firmware; for 30cm ~ 300cm distance measurement with millimeter resolution
* People Movement Behavior (PMB) Firmware; for detecting People Movement in 4m x 4m or 16 meter-square region for setting geo-fence(s) trigger action
* Note: ONLY one of VSD; HAM; or PMB Firmware is pre-programmed within a single mmWave Module
Operating Temperature 0° to 40° degree Celsius
Operating Humidity 10 ~ 85% Non-Condensing
Dimensions & Weight 54.1mm x 45.7mm; 13.7 grams net


mmWave BM101 出貨清單


  • mmWave 雷達 x1
  • Raspberry Pi BLE HAT 擴充板 x1
  • 塑膠螺絲柱 x8




mmWave Sensor Evaluation Solution Kit 簡介


※此商品已停售,請參考新版 玖邦 mmWave Sensor Evaluation Solution Kit BM201


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